Professional Designer with the over 10 years of experience, including e-commerce...



Some examples of my recent work including Art, Multimedia, Web & Print Design



You know what they say about first impressions – you only get to make one...

Follow the latest design trends
Keeping up with the trends and requirements of rapidly growing web is a big challenge, mixed of the variety technologies that deliver high-end products. Responsive web design has become the essential model due to the portable device booming. It is the latest and one of the major trends online.

The recent projects I have been involved in as a Sr. Designer

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E-commerce solutions for the world's top fashion brand.
E-commerce solutions for the famous brand of clothing.
Online Store for one of the leading E-commerce providers
E-commerce solutions for the top sportswear brand

Success Factors,
possible obstacles
and solutions

Usually, there is a difference between the thought-process, visualization abilities, and concepts of designers and their clients.

The total understanding of clients’ values and aspirations is an attempt to bridge this gap.